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For close to two decades, ESEA has produced MapMerger, powerful commercial off-the-shelf automated conflation software. Map conflation is the process of merging two or more overlapping vector maps of the same feature type into a new and improved map. MapMerger is an extension of ESRI’s ArcMap GIS and automates a number of common conflation tasks.

Attribute Transfer

Referred to as a spatial join on steroids, MapMerger transfers attributes from an attribute rich map to one with better geometry.

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Feature Densification

MapMerger connects and adds features that exist in one map to another map where they did not originally exist.

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MapMerger precisely aligns features in two overlapping maps by ensuring that matching features share the same geometry.

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Asset Realignment

MapMerger repositions network assets to align with a more accurate landbase.

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MapMerger also has capabilities for:

Synchronization of Map Updates

  • The process of being able to automatically identify changes in attributes and geometry between updates at the feature level with a user controlled decision making interface.

Rapid Change Detection

  • The ability to automatically and rapidly identify and display attribute differences between two versions of the same map on preselected attributes.



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