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ESEA has developed MapMerger, a conflation toolset built on ARCGIS. MapMerger has overcome the manual complexities of conflation by processing data with speed, control, and accuracy.  MapMerger is able to quickly merge data from two overlapping sources to create an accurate fit-for-use dataset.


ESEA was founded in March, 1986, as a privately owned California corporation with corporate offices located in Los Altos, California.  ESEA started investigating conflation with a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract in 1992 with the US Army Topographic Engineering Center (TEC). We successfully completed Phase II of the contract in 1997 and have been selling commercial conflation software during the last 18 years. MapMerger version 9.5 is the most advanced commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) conflation software available in the market today.


MapMerger has been used on both small and large projects.

Small projects include:

  • Adding alleys to a city street map for routing of sanitization vehicles.
  • Transferring attributes for snow plow management.
  • The alignment of forest boundaries to road features.
  • Adding county roads and attributes to a state highway dataset.

Large projects include:

  • Los Angeles County combining the tax assessor’s dataset with the public works dataset into one shared dataset saving thousands of dollars in data maintenance.
  • Large defense contractors working on worldwide topographic feature integration for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NIMA).
  • Swiss Postal Service National feature integration with a TomTom dataset.


ESEA operates from its Central Office in Los Altos, California.  We collaborate using the latest software and hardware communication methods via email, phone, and internet conferences. Our IT staff supports our world-wide connectivity “24-7.”

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